8 Advantages to Hiring One Exclusive Recruiter Instead of Multiple Agencies

James Cooper

You might think that hiring multiple contingent recruiters will create better results than hiring one exclusive recruiter solely because you’ll have more people working to fill the position. You might reason that because you don’t have to make an upfront payment, there’s no risk in hiring a few different recruiters to tackle your requirements

However, there are advantages to hiring one exclusive recruiter that don’t come with hiring multiple contingent recruiters. Here are eight such advantages to consider:

1. You Get the Recruiter’s Full Commitment

A contingent recruiter will work energetically for a week or so, but because they don’t have your full commitment, they may quickly lose interest and move on to the next client. They don’t want to put all their eggs in one basket because they don’t know which basket will produce results for them.

An exclusive recruiter, on the other hand, will be fully committed to finding the right candidate for you, even if the job gets tough. An exclusive recruiter is much more willing to take the additional time to speak to passive candidates who are not actively seeking new positions. Exclusive recruiters will use all of their resources, including their professional networks and social media contacts. Their job is not done until they find the candidate you hire.

2. Exclusive Recruiters More Thoroughly Screen Candidates for You

Because you have the full commitment of the exclusive recruiter, each candidate you look at is going to be more fully screened. Your close relationship with one recruiter will allow that recruiter to gain a full understanding of the requirements of the position. They will screen for a good fit in terms of background, experience, skills, culture, education, communication style, and more.

Screening candidates so thoroughly takes time, but an exclusive recruiter is willing to invest that time to ensure that only the most qualified candidates reach your desk.

3. The Hiring Manager Has Less Work to Do

When the hiring manager has to review numerous resumes submitted by multiple competing contingent recruiters, they have less time to deal with other responsibilities. Because an exclusive recruiter thoroughly vets each candidate before submitting, the hiring manager’s workload is cut way down.

Exclusive recruiters will thoroughly interview candidates to make sure they meet not only the minimum requirements, but also the ideal requirements. The hiring manager then only has to review a handful of qualified resumes before making a decision.

4. Confidentiality

If it’s really important to keep your job opening away from the public eye for whatever reason, working with one exclusive recruiter will ensure confidentiality.

5. A Better Impression on the Candidate

If a candidate is approached by multiple recruiters for the same job, it tends to give them a negative impression of the company. Instead, candidates prefer to work with exclusive recruiters. Furthermore, double submissions of the same candidate by more than one agency can create some awkward and confusing situations.

6. Recruit From Direct Competitors More Easily

If you want to recruit from your direct competitors, working with one exclusive recruiter can help.

First of all, it takes more time and finesse to reach those candidates, and exclusive recruiters are willing to put in the extra effort required. Second, you want to avoid a war with your competitor or gaining a reputation as a poacher. Placing a third-party exclusive recruiter as a buffer between your company and the candidate can help you sidestep those scenarios.

7. Exclusive Recruiters Won’t Submit Your Candidate to Other Companies

Not only are you exclusive to your recruiter, but they are exclusive to you, too. Contingent recruiters will often present good candidates to multiple clients at once, which can result in a bidding war for talent. You may even lose out on an ideal candidate as a result. An exclusive recruiter, on the other hand, will submit candidates only to your company and work to convince top talent to accept your offer above any others.

8. Superior Hiring Process for the Same Fee

Sometimes you may have to pay slightly more for an exclusive recruiter, and you frequently need to make a partial upfront payment, but more often than not, you’ll end up with a superior hiring process for what is about the same cost as hiring multiple contingent recruiters.

There may be times when hiring multiple contingent recruiters better meets your needs, but if you have a really important position to fill, a short time in which to fill it, and a strong need for high-quality talent, then hiring one exclusive recruiter may be the best way to go.

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